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Parenting Class

At People Inc. Our Youth & Family Service Counselors are committed to strengthening families in the communities in which we serve. One of the ways in which we seek to strengthen those families is through education. We seek to educate families and focus on providing realistic solutions to the challenges parents face. There are many topics covered during these classes including but not limited to:

  • Successful Communication Within the Family Unit
  • Positive Approaches to Discipline
  • Setting Appropriate Rules and Boundaries
  • Positive Ways of Coping with Family Stress
  • How to Handle Sibling Conflict

  • Why is Gaining Parenting Skills Important?

    Parents need to be confident in their abilities to handle the day to day situations and struggles that come with parenting. Parents can achieve a sense of security for their child and peace of mind for themselves by being prepared to tackle any problems they may face.

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